About Us

We are :

Who we are is quite simple; a small group of martial artists who strive for quality products. The years previous to Spartan Martial arts Ltd being created, we collectively spent thousands of pounds on equipment that would deteriorate quite rapidly, and we think this is unacceptable. 

We understand that budget is something that is a key factor in what makes us choose our equipment, that's why, here at Spartan Martial Arts, we keep our prices as low as possible and our quality as high as we can possibly make it. 


Our staff have experience in a very wide range of martial arts : 

Kyokushinkai               Shotokan         Tae kwon do
Kudo                              Boxing              
Kickboxing                    Goshin

You can be sure that we have the knowledge to produce products that are fit for purpose.

Spartan Martial Arts... A new beginning in martial arts suppliers.

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